It explains how to install Java 11 distributed by Oracle on Windows 10. The steps should be similar to install other versions of Java and Windows.

How To Install Java 11 On Windows
How To Install Java 11 On Windows

In the previous post, we have discussed how to install Java 10 on Windows. We will continue with the same and install Java 11 on Windows 10 in this post. The steps should be the same for other versions of Windows.

We suggest to remove existing versions of Java unless and otherwise older version is explicitly required for any other software. We can check the currently installed and active JDK on console as mentioned in Fig 1.

Version Check

Fig 1

We must note that the JRE won't be bundled together with JDK in version 11 as it was available till version 10. We need to install JRE separately if required.

Step 1 Download JDK

Open the browser and search for Download JDK 11 and click on Accept License Agreement. It will show the JDK download page as shown in Fig 2.

License Agreement

Fig 2

Step 2 Execute JDK Installer

Now execute the downloaded JDK installer by double clicking it. It might ask system permission before starting the installation. Click on yes to allow the installer to execute itself. It shows the installer welcome screen as displayed in Fig 3.

Welcome Screen

Fig 3

Step 3 Initiate Installation

Click on Next to initiate the installation process. The next screen shows options to select optional features to be installed together. Leave the default options without making any change. We can also change the installation location on this screen if required as displayed in Fig 4.

Install Location

Fig 4

Step 4 Progress Installation

Now click on Next Button to start installation. It will show the progress as displayed in Fig 5.

Installation Progress

Fig 5

Step 5 Installation Success

 It shows the success screen after completing the installation as mentioned in Fig 6.

Installation Success

Fig 6

Step 6 Verify Installation

Now open the Command Prompt and type the command java -version to confirm whether it's installed successfully as mentioned in Fig 7.

Version Check

Fig. 7

We might need to set environment variable in case the installed JDK is not detected by the system. Please follow below mentioned steps to do so.

Right Click -> My Computer(This PC) -> Properties -> Advbanced System Settings

The above steps will open the Windows settings panel as shown in Fig 7.

Advanced Settings

Fig 7

Now click on Environment Variables, select Path under System Variables section and click on Edit. We need to add path of installed JDK to system Path.

Click on New Button and add path to installed JDK bin which is C:\java\java-11\jdk-11.0.1\bin in our case. Press OK Button 3 times to close all the windows. This sets the JDK 11 on system environment variables to access the same from console.

Now again open the console and test the Java version as shown in Fig 8.

Confirm Path

Fig 8

We have successfully installed Java 11 on Windows 10 by following the above mentioned steps.

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